SPY Servers

What is a Spy Server?

Spy Server is a small server software we developed to allow people share their radios over the Internet, or simply over their own remote shacks. It can work with a single user or up to a few hundred users.

How to connect to one of these servers?

  • Download, Unzip and Run SDR#
  • Select Source: Spy Server
  • Copy the URL in SDR#
  • Click Start (the little triangle)
Tilman SM0JZTStockholm, SE (JO89UL)sdr://spyserver.thulesius.se:5555Airspy HF+HF (DC - 31 MHz)30" Loop
Yuri, RZ3DVPMoscow, RUsdr://msk.swl.su:5555Airspy HF+HF (DC - 31 MHz)Wellbrook ALA330
YoussefParis, FRsdr://airspy.com:5556Airspy HF+VHF (60 - 260 MHz)VHF Whip
Alexandru CseteCopenhagen, DKsdr://airspy.com:5557Airspy HF+20m 40m 80m HAMMulti-Band Vertical
Simon Brown G4ELICornwall, UKsdr://airspy.com:5558Airspy HF+HF (DC - 660 kHz)Wellbrook Loop
YoussefParis, FRsdr://airspy.com:5555Airspy HF+VHF (60 - 260 MHz)VHF Whip
Fenu RadioKefikon, CHsdr://fenu-airspy.ddns.netAirspy HF+HF / FM / VHFStampfl HB9KOC Active Dipole
Andrea OttavianiPerugia, ITsdr://ik0mmi.ddns.netAirspy HF+40m 80m HAMButternut Verical
Carl LauferAuckland, NZsdr://rtlsdrblog.hopto.orgAirspy HF+Tunable in HFWellbrook Loop
JarodAmsterdam, NLsdr://airspy.com:5559Airspy HF+HF / FM / VHFWellbrook Loop & Discone
Dave GW4GTEChester, UKsdr://qthr.ddns.netAirspy Mini2m HAMDiscone
Roland Proesch, DF3LZHamburg, DEsdr:// R21.510 - 1.580 GHz1.8m Offset Dish
Andrea Ottaviani IK0MMIPerugia, ITsdr://ik0mmi.ddns.netAirspy R2VHF / UHFDual band vertical
MikeSussex, UKsdr://saltdean.ddns.netAirspy R2FM BCKörner 19 element Yagi
uhf-satcom.comDorset, UKsdr://pjm.uhf-satcom.com:55555Airspy R21.525 - 1.550 GHz1.5m Offset Dish
uhf-satcom.comDorset, UKsdr://pjm.uhf-satcom.com:55556Airspy R2VHF (240 - 270 MHz)Helical 8 Turns
Baz G7KUFLondon, UKsdr://londonhf.radioham.comAirspy R2 + SpyVerterHF (DC - 8MHz)Wellbrook Loop
Jeff Kelly K2SDRNew Jersey, USAsdr://k2sdr.dyndns.orgAirspy R2 + SpyVerterHF (DC - 8 MHz)Vertical HF Whip
Jeff Kelly K2SDRNew Jersey, USAsdr://k2sdr.dyndns.org:5556RTL-SDRVHF (136 - 138 MHz)1/4 wave VHF whip
Anton OM1AEGBratislava, SK (JN88ND)sdr:// V22m HAMDiamond X300

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