Airspy Low Cost High Performance SDR

What is Airspy?

Airspy is a popular, affordable SDR (software defined radio) based communication receiver with the highest performance and the smallest form factor. It is a serious alternative to both cost sensitive and higher end scanners while featuring the best radio browsing experience of the market thanks to the tight integration with the de facto standard SDR# software.
The Airspy One series offer continuous spectrum coverage and blazingly fast and accurate scanning anywhere between 24MHz and 1.8GHz with 10MHz instantaneous view. External GPS or Rubidium clocks are also supported for professional usages.
With its instrumentation grade accuracy, powerful architecture and open API, Airspy is the weapon of choice for professionals and advanced radio enthusiasts seeking cutting edge performance at the lowest cost.


Airspy R2 – Now shipping!

We have sensitive ears! The demand for ever cheaper, higher performance and ruggedized SDR receivers is driving the professional market. Due to the large demand from our professional customers, we upgraded recently our original Airspy One design to Revision 2. This new revision improves the following points:

  • Better USB noise immunity
  • Better ESD protection on VUSB
  • Better ESD protection on the RF input
  • Added ESD protection on the dual High Speed ADC inputs
  • Better RF Shielding
  • Better RF Filtering
  • Replaced the micro USB connector with a custom designed, more robust, 4 through hole points model
  • Better thermal stability
  • Better compatibility with the SpyVerter
  • LOW NOISE 0.5ppm TCXO

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Extended Coverage to VLF/LF/HF – Now shipping!

Our new high performance converter, the SpyVerter, extends the reception range down to DC for a gapless DC – 1.8GHz coverage with a superb 10MHz instantaneous view.

HF Specifications:

  • NF better than 8dB
  • IIP3 > +30dBm
  • Minimum RF Input: 1 kHz
  • Maximum RF Input: 60 MHz
  • IF frequency: 120 – 180 MHz
  • Phase noise at 10kHz: -122 dBc/Hz

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