Airspy Support

For Airspy support, the first step is to contact your distributor for high quality personalized diagnostics and assistance. Our distributors are nice people and have had all the necessary training to solve your problems efficiently. They can also escalate to the engineering team if necessary.

Technical Discussions

You can also chat with us using our community forum for sharing your experience or express your wish-list of things you like to see in SDR# or SpyServer. The discussions in our mailing list may get very technical by times, but never hesitate to post your question if you have any doubt. Please note that he mailing list is moderated, and its purpose is NOT to spam thousands of subscribers with customer support questions. For Airspy Support, please refer to the section above.

Third Party Hardware

As our SDR# and SpyServer software also works with third party hardware, we often end up with specific questions about hardware we have very limited knowledge about. In this specific case, you should contact the manufacturer of your hardware first.

Third Party Software

Many existing third party software supports our hardware via our Open API. If you encounter any problems with this third party software, be it SDR# Plugins or a fully fledged SDR program, please try to reproduce with our Out-Of-The-Box software package with the default settings, then contact the author(s) of the third party software. We have very limited knowledge about how other SDR software works and how it may fail.

Custom Hardware/Software Engineering

We developed a significant experience in making successful SDRs over the years, and we can share it with you for your custom designs and projects!

You can contact our engineering team by email to analyze your requirements.