There is a whole world below 30 MHz!

We designed the SpyVerter R2 Upconverter to extend the coverage of the Airspy R2 and Mini series to the HF down to virtually DC with world class dynamic range, frequency stability and sensitivity to rival with high end analog designs at a very affordable price.

SpyVerter R2 builds on top of the successful SpyVerter architecture and improves the key points of high performance HF reception.

The architecture is based on our switched-mode double balanced mixer that translates the entire HF spectrum to the VHF band between 120 MHz and 180 MHz. We replaced the LO generator with a programmable, low phase noise PLL with 0.5 PPM VCTCXO. The Voltage control of this VCTCXO allows fine calibration of the operating frequency at the factory.

An embedded microcontroller provides both the programming of the PLL (Si5351C) and the VCTCXO voltage control via its embedded DAC. Once the DAC is settled and the PLL is programmed, the microcontroller enters in a deep sleep mode to eliminate any possible interference with the reception.

Technical specifications

  • RF Input 1kHz to 60 MHz
  • IF Frequency 120 MHz – Positive Image
  • Technology: Switched Double Balanced Mixer
  • Total Conversion Loss + Filtering: 8 dB typ.
  • 35 dBm IIP3
  • LO leakage: -42dBm typ. (12 dB lower than the original SpyVerter)
  • Phase noise at 10kHz separation: -122 dBc/Hz
  • RF Filtering: Low Pass Filter with corner at 65 MHz – 75dB ultimate rejection
  • IF Filtering: Band Pass Filter with corners at 120 MHz and 180 MHz – 75dB ultimate rejection
  • Max RF power: +10 dBm
  • Return Loss: -10 dB
  • Bias-tee voltage: 4.2v to 5.5v
  • Internal 10 MHz Reference Clock input
  • Current consumption: < 100 mA