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For Airspy support, the first step is to contact your distributor for high quality personalized diagnostics and assistance. Our distributors are nice people and have had all the necessary training to solve your problems efficiently. They can also escalate to the engineering team if necessary.
You can also chat with us using our community forum for sharing your experience or express your wish-list of things you like to see in SDR#. The discussions in our forum may get very technical by times, but never hesitate to post your question if you have any doubt.

As our SDR# software also works with different hardware, we often end up with specific questions about hardware we have very limited knowledge about. In this case, you should contact the manufacturer of your hardware.

For custom designs and projects, you can contact the engineering team.

More about us

  • We are a small SDR company founded by engineers coming from the RF, DSP and Embedded Systems backgrounds.
  • We worry about quality. Our code is used by sensitive markets like avionics, maritime, laboratories, universities and governments.
  • Our hardware is priced very low compared to its performance because we want to democratize SDRs among the Maker community. This is why we work hard to build a common infrastructure to enable more sophisticated solutions with good performance and short time to market.
  • We also sell customization services built on top of our solutions. This allows our customers to cover specific functionality as required.
  • Our QA process is fully automated with minimum human intervention and the defect rate out of the factory is very low thanks to our RF testing and diagnosing tools. Our distributors also test every unit manually before shipping. There’s virtually no chance you get a faulty unit.
  • We don’t make any difference between hobbyists and pro’s. We respect our quality engagement either case. We have had a number of amateur users who ended up using our solutions professionally and we want to sustain this tradition.