Core tools

SDR Software Package (Change log)


  • SDR# rev 1533
  • Airspy Calibration Tool
  • ADSB Spy rev 37 – High Performance ADSB Decoder (Requires firmware 1.0.0-rc7 or better)
  • Spectrum Spy – Spectrum Analyzer
  • Astro Spy – Radio Astronomy Utility for Hydrogen Line Spectroscopy
  • SPY Server – Multi-client SDR Server with DDC

ADSB decoder for ARM Linux (for Raspberry PI 2 and Odroid boards)

Airspy can be used as a high performance ADSB receiver capable of 20MHz, low scatter MLAT. The performance is comparable to top end, way more expensive ADSB receivers. This executable turns your Airspy into an autonomous ADSB station with low power requirements.


ADSB decoder for x86_64 Linux

Same command line version compiled for 64bit Intel/AMD CPU’s.


ADSB decoder for x86 Linux

Same command line version compiled for 32bit Intel/AMD CPU’s.


Compatibility driver

If Windows fails to install Airspy automatically, unzip and install this driver.
This is generally not required.


Developer Resources

Third Party Plugins

Frequency Manager Suite from Jeff KnappDownload
SDRSharp Plugins from Vasili BeliakovDownload
SDRSharp Net Remote ControlDownload
DDE Satellite Tracker from SatSignal.euDownload

Cool SDR stuff from our friends